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UWO Site Factory

A WordPress network for UW Oshkosh faculty to easily create and manage a branded professional site or blog.


UWO Site Factory is available as a platform for hosting and maintaining UWO faculty and staff websites and blogs to support faculty/staff professional web presence, professional collaborations, research group/lab and other professional websites. The faculty and staff are responsible for the administration and maintenance of their professional sites and the accuracy of content and links. Branded Site Addresses

Short, personalized, easy to remember and communicate site addresses with SSL encryption, in the format

Production Environment

24/7 availability of professional sites and ability of site administrators to make ongoing content updates.


Customizable Google Analytics functionally to allow faculty and staff to track and analyze professional site traffic and visitor behavior.

User Guide

Online learning and support resources, tailored to using CampusPress WordPress (formerly Edublogs).

Plugin Catalog

A catalog of curated WordPress plugins, supported by CampusPress.


Managed Updates

Software updates of server software, WordPress, plugins and themes, managed by CampusPress.

Getting Started

Thanks for using our WordPress platform. We have assembled a number of great resources to help get you started.

  1. Request your site
  2. Select a preferred theme to provide the look and feel that fits best
  3. Create a new page or post
  4. Create a menu navigational structure to allow visitor access to pages
  5. Upload content and/or media (images, PDFs, etc.) and embed or link them from page/page content
  6. Review content for accuracy and update accordingly
  7. Publish all pages and posts
  8. Your site is ready!