Current teaching

Introduction to Environmental Issues, Environmental Studies 101

  • A three-credit lecture course that introduces students to college and a liberal arts education while exploring the inter-relatedness and complexity of environmental issues through class discussion, popular and peer-review readings, and interactive exercises.

Environmental Science, Environmental Studies 260

  • A three-credit lecture course that reviews the fundamental science of current environmental issues.

Wildlife Behavior and Conservation, Environmental Studies/Biology 318/518

  • A three-credit lecture course that is designed to teach the fundamental theory of behavioral ecology on the undergraduate and graduate level and then apply that theory to wildlife conservation.  We examine how environments shape organisms’ lives and what that means for our efforts to manage and conserve species.

Principles of Wildlife Management, Environmental Studies/Biology 314/514

  • A three-credit lecture course designed to help undergraduate and graduate students bridge the gap between academic experience and advances into the wildlife profession. The course applies population and community ecology to the management and conservation of wild populations.

Approaches to Natural Resource Management in Tropical Ecosystems in Belize, Environmental Studies 395

  • A three-credit, three-week field course where students will study the diverse ecosystems of Belize; study Belize culture, particularly as it relates to natural resource issues and the relationship between nature and culture; critically analyze a variety of environmental issues, including natural resource management and ecotourism; and acquire skills in ecological observation and field work.

Science of Sustainable Food, Environmental Studies 312, Environmental Studies

  • A three-credit lecture course that explores the evolution of food choice in humans and the role it plays in today’s global environment.

Environmental Studies Senior Seminar, Environmental Studies 490, Environmental Studies Program

  • A three-credit seminar course in which students write a capstone thesis or conduct a group research project for an area stakeholder, for example the City of Oshkosh.